Please Note that current production and shipping times are 5-15 business days :)


Thank you so much for visiting my shop! 

Before contacting us please browse through the FAQ's to see if your question has been answered :)

 * Everything looks to be sold out! When are things restocked? 

I typically do restocks on Fridays at 4 PM Pacific. Every once in awhile the day and time changes to give my international friends a chance. Updates are posted in the Facebook group and sometimes on IG. Once an item is sold out it may or may not be available again. It depends on supplies.

*When will I receive my item(s)

I am a made to order shop and current shipping times are 15-25 BUSINESS DAYS. Please keep this in mind before contacting me regarding your order. Sometimes things go wrong and this time frame helps everyone know that it may take up to 3 weeks to ship

*My item is lost or was delivered to the wrong address. What do I do?

Once an item leaves my hands and is in the possession of the Postal service it is quite literally out of my hands. I have done my job and shipped the item. I have the exact same tracking info as you do. Occasionally and item gets lost or is delivered to the wrong address. Please contact your local Post Office with the tracking number and see if they can GPS track it.

If an item is lost or stolen please contact your local Post Office to see if you are eligible to put in a claim.  It is not my fault if an item gets lost or is stolen and I will not replace or refund an item for this cause. 

International friends: It is super hard to track international packages because some countries do not scan once it hits the country. Some packages end up being returned which has taken up to 12-16 weeks! It is totally frustrating on both of us and there is literally nothing I can do until it shows up some where. I am encouraging all my international friends to use a US Forwarding service as they are more able to guarantee packages. I will declare it lost once 12 weeks has passed since some have shown up that late. 

 Usually if I combine orders it is upgraded to priority mail. Please keep this in mind when ordering multiple orders.  Edited*** I am not combining orders any more so please keep this in mind when ordering multiple orders :)